WIENWOCHE is a Viennese festival that experiments with merging creative practices and activism in different scales and formats and from different sides of art and social movements. Since its beginning in 2012, WIENWOCHE has taken place in September every year. WIENWOCHE sees cultural work as engagement in social, political and cultural debates, with the aim of advancing them and making them visible. WIENWOCHE intends to push the boundaries of cultural and artistic practices and make them accessible for all social groups living in Vienna. WIENWOCHE is carried out by the independent “Verein zur Förderung der Stadtbenutzung” (“The Association for the Promotion of City Use”). 


Henrie Dennis

Maria Herold

Nathalie Ananda Assmann

Nataša Mackuljak

Ivana Marjanović

Petja Dimitrova

Radostina Patulova

Can Gülcü