being ruled acting

What does collective activism mean and what can it bring under the current social and political conditions? Which models of living can we develop in order to leave the constraints of consumption, gender or borders behind us? If faced with unemployment, what would we be looking to gain from our jobs, what would our very own wishes be?

reading re-writing history

Who writes history and from which perspective? Who can place themselves in history and how? What is made visible and when and what is made invisible or hidden? Whose perception of history is acknowledged and by whom? What would self-made, self-told history look like and how does it change society?

governing re-distributing space

Who owns public and semi-public spaces in the city? Who has access? Who may acquire them or use them? How can public spaces as a commodity be extracted from economisation and privatisation? How can urban spaces be collectively designed and expanded by those using them? How are free spaces won in this process?

For the team of WIENWOCHE
Petja Dimitrova, Can Gülcü und Radostina Patulova

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