Garage Grande

Gardening together, making the city greener and creating ideas for a good urban climate.

In this densely built-upcity space for activities to implement ideas or to try out new things is a scarce good. Especially, those that are affordable and available on a low threshold-level. The interim use-project “Garage Grande” offers exactly that: space on time. For 3 years, on 2500m² and 4 floors, in the middle of Ottakring. A place that can be used apart from one ́s own apartment and the public space.

The transformation of urban wasteland

The multi-story car park in Ottakringer Deinhardsteingasse has been vacant for many years. 2019 the idea was formed to open the abandoned car park and to use it together with the neigbourhood. The concept was soon developed, the property owner gave the green light, but then the lockdown came and the project was put on hold. Half a year later the history of Garage Grande started with its opening.

In June 2020 the former car park was gradually filled with life. The front was grassed, raised beds were built, neighbours* and initiatives from thevicinity became aware of the project and came forward with ideas and suggestions. From open bicycle repair shops to neighbours*, who look after their plants here, DIY-workshops, yoga, aikido or rollerskating, art exhibitions and beekeeping, there has been a diverse collection of more or less regular users*. All offers are open for everyone, free and share the thought of good climate in the city and the neighbourhood.

Through this interim use the abandoned „building block“ has transformed into a lively, colourful meeting point for the neighbourhood. Interim use will continue until the end of 2022—new ideas, visitors* and users* are welcome!

The project „Garage Grande“ is made possible by Hans-Jörg-Ulreich and organised by the Gebietsbetreuung Stadterneuerung (GB*).


an open place for art, culture and social exchange

Located at Sandleitenhof, the biggest municipality building of Red Vienna, in the 16th district at Liebknechtgasse, SOHO STUDIOS offer room for artist* studiosand different events—transcending fields and generations.

By reactivating vacanciesas well as setting up and establishing an open house for artistic analysis with special involvement of the neighbourhood a new ‘decentral center’ has arisen.

In immediate vicinity to the local pensioners* club, the art school Vienna and wohnpartners as an interface to the tenants* of the municipality building, we use common areas and develop common activities and programmes. Artistic workshops for all age groups, „soup talks“, movie nights, series of lectures about current and future issues are part of this ongoing offer. With the art laboratory (590m²) and the open space (80m²) there are areas available for renting.

Through the revival of the “city in the city”and the concept of short distances as well as the content-related engagement with the “good life” we are also contributing to ecological rethinking.

PARTICIPATING is very important—SOHO STUDIOS are not a ready-made, but a changing place, which is shaped by all those, that want to take part, and becomes visible and tangible.